Supreme Guardian
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Towering above the battlefield, Supreme Guardians were created to guard powerful and important cities in eastern Immoren, animated by the souls of the greatest Tyrants in skorne history. These vigilant stone constructs have stood as a testament to the wealth and might of those few skorne houses that could afford their construction and upkeep. Like all ancestral guardians, a Supreme Guardian is able to gather the souls of worthy skorne slain in battle as sacred companions, using their energies to empower its own devastating assault. Gameplay The Supreme Guardian towers over the enemies of the Skorne, empowered by the souls of its fallen allies. It strikes out with its mighty Obsidian Blade at any enemies who approach it, and it counters the spells hurled by enemy mages who target anyone it shelters. It carries a Fire of Rage upon its back, which has the power to incinerate distant enemies or revive fallen Skorne warriors