WARMACHINE High Command: Invasion of Sul Campaign Expansion
515,00 CZK
CUSTOMIZE YOUR DECK AND CONQUER THE CITY OF WALLS! In the year 606 AR, the Sul-Caspia War began with Cygnaran forces laying siege to the Menite stronghold of Sul, the City of Walls. What followed was a brutal, protracted war of street-to-street battles that ended with devastating losses for both sides. The commanders of this momentous campaign shaped the history of the Iron Kingdoms. How will you fare in their place? Customize your deck with powerful new cards and take command of the pivotal events of this historic war in the Invasion of Sul campaign expansion. Recreate one of the wars that changed the face of the Iron Kingdoms, and rewrite history! Inside this Invasion of Sul card box (PIP 61021) you will find: • 15 new Winds of War cards unique to this historic conflict • 15 new Location cards reflecting critical objectives around Sul • 60 new cards for customizing faction decks (15 each for Cygnar, Protectorate of Menoth, Khador, and Cryx) • 4 Warcaster cards Requires WARMACHINE High Command (PIP 61002) core set to play.